ALI GULER is a manufacturer of design‐driven Luxurious Classic Home furniture established in 1972. We own and operate manufacturing facilities in Ankara, Turkey where we employ artisans under the direct supervision of company founders. We build our handcrafted originals to the highest possible standards, emphasizing sustainable fabrication, hand weaving accents under one roof. Committed to being able to supply dealers of all sizes from larger retailers to independents to interior designers with a variety of products, price points, and services appealing to each. Our esteemed clients are immensely satisfied with our range and quality of our products whereby they can easily sell off from their end. We are very active in new product development, introducing new items and designs every year to keep the line fresh and exciting. We have a vast product range of over 70 different luxury models and we are adding new 10 models each year to our catalogs. These products are always designed and manufactured while keeping in mind Comfort, Style, Durability, Value.


We own and operate a factory equipped with the State of Art Production Facility in ANKARA, Turkey With Semi-automatic to Fully Automatic Machines which amplify our production Quality and Quantity. We have all  independent  units from A to Z in-house :

  •  Framing Units
  •  Coloring Unit
  •  Weaving Unit.
  •  Upholstery unit
  •  Packing Unit
  •  Dispatch Unit


We are Easy to Do Business With –

  • Direct Container, bulk volume buy and single item pricing
  • Special orders in a range of custom finishes
  • Low opening and ordering minimums
  • No SKU minimums for containers
  • The door to Door Delivery Network (FedEx – Safexpress)
  • Customized Designs and Project Supply
  • Office & Showroom / Warehouse


Our office & showroom and Warehouse are based in Ankara, where we are able to exhibit the products we supply to the Clients. Minimum order Clients can order and easily pick up their orders from a warehouse or delivered to their places. We are always happy to show potential clients our products and welcome any visitors. Our showroom & office have been set up to customer support to product development and order management, we are able to offer a more close working relationship.